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Lion's Mane - Gummies Mushroom




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Brain fog? Trust nature to clear the haze.  Nurture a sharper mind, more mental clarity, and better memory retention with the aid of Lion's Mane Mushrooms. Add a few drops to your tongue or coffee and embrace a simple, natural, tasty approach towards clarity and creativity.
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Consult with your physician before taking if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Consult with your physician before taking if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Mental Clarity,
on the Tip of
Your Tongue

“Tastes great and easy to use.
More potent than pills and powders.”

Focus & Cognition

Lion's mane as a natural nootropic is well studied, and in fact, some of the few published human trials for this mushroom's use fall into this category.

Healthy Brain Aging

Lion's mane helps protect neurons inside the brain, and even assist in regeneration


Tired of forgetting names and keys? Memory support is one thing lions mane is known to do best

Mental Health

Maybe even more important than brain power, lion's mane has been associated with a reduction in symptoms of depression and anxiety

Potent, Simple, Delicious

Triple extracted blend of lion's mane mushrooms, Tapioca Syrup, Sugar, Pectin, Natural Flavors

1-2 Gummies Daily

Enjoy 1-2 gummies daily. A delicious way to get in some extra mushroom goodness.

Highest Quality Extract

Our lion's mane gummies use the same liquid extract as our US-Grown, certified organic tincture

Brain Boosting Fungal Compounds

The brain boosting power of Lion's Mane comes from hericenones and erinacines, two unique compounds that promote and protect brain health. Our third party lab tests prove the presence of these beneficial compounds so you can feel good about every drop.

The Highest Quality Liquid Extracts 

USDA Organic 

Sourced from organic mushroom farms in the Pacific Northwest.

Whole Mushroom

We believe in using the whole mushroom (both fruiting bodies and mycelium) in order to capture the full range of compounds.

Triple Extraction

Proper extraction (fermentation, hot water, & alcohol extraction) is essential for effective absorption.

Asked Questions

Why mushroom extracts

Extracts are the most potent and effective way to reap the medicinal benefits of mushrooms. A proper extraction process is necessary to make the medicinal compounds bioavailable for humans, meaning we can absorb them. After all, you don’t want a product that has the goods, but you can’t benefit from them, right?? RIGHT!

You can see our full process here!

What is 10:1 extract?

Our mushrooms are 10:1 extracts, meaning that for every 10 pounds of mushrooms, we produce 1 pound of extract. This assures a high potency and it’s why our products test so well! That and our extraction process, of course!

How does it taste?

Quite tasty, actually! Our tinctures have a vegetable glycerin base. Glycerites are meant to be used as dietary supplements and have a mildly sweet, maple syrupy taste. They blend well with coffee, juice, or tea. Our gummies contain the same extract as our tinctures, but come in a natural berry flavor.

How should I take my cure?

For tinctures, the general dosage is 1 dropperful (1ml) 1-4 times daily or as needed. Place the dropper under your tongue, hold, and swallow; or mix with your drink of choice. Enjoy 1-4 gummies daily.

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30 Day

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