The Performance Pack

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The Performance Pack

The Performance & Productivity Duo

For those who demand more from their brain and body, look no further. Lion's Mane is loaded with neuro-friendly compounds to help your brain fire on all cylinders, crash free. Cordyceps help you fight fatigue, boost energy, and even help you get the most from your workouts. This mushroom duo will have you operating like a well oiled machine both physically, and mentally.

Cordyceps & Lion’s Mane Benefits:

+ Daily Energy
+ Endurance & Recovery
+ Fight Fatigue
+ Libido
+ Brain Fog
+ Concentration
+ Memory
+ Focus

P.S. I am US-grown, certified organic, and went through three intensive lab tests to provide you with the most potent, liquid extract form.

What's the difference?

  • Our tinctures go through hot water and alcohol extraction, leaving about 30% alcohol left in the liquid. The result is a potent product with no other additives, but a more bitter taste. If you want a sweeter taste, choose our alcohol removed option. We evaporate the alcohol and use organic vegetable glycerine to stabilize. You can’t go wrong with either! See our FAQ for more details

Product Description

All of our tinctures are US-Grown, certified organic, and delivered in their most potent, liquid
extract form. The mushrooms are fermented, followed by a hot water and alcohol extraction to
make the important compounds such as beta-glucans and terpenoids bioavailable.

Lab Tests

Lion's Mane Lab Test - PDF Link

Cordyceps Lab Test - PDF Link


Extract of Lions Mane (Hericium erinaceus - fruiting bodies & mycelium)
Extract of Cordyceps (Cordyceps militaris - fruiting bodies & mycelium)
Other Ingredients (Alcohol): 70% filtered water, 30% organic cane alcohol
Other Ingredients (Alcohol Removed): Vegetable glycerin, filtered water, less than 1% organic cane alcohol

Suggested Use

We recommend 1 dropper (1ml) per day of each extract. Pro tip: we love Lions Mane in the morning and Cordyceps right before a workout.

Consult with your physician before taking
if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

How to Take Your cure

While mushrooms have powerful medicinal properties, many people dismiss the possibility of trying them because of their bitter taste. At Cure, we realize just how effective mushroom properties are and want everyone to have the opportunity to improve their health and wellness. Our alcohol and nonalcohol-based product options are one of the many features that set us apart from our competitors.

Under Your Tongue

Directly under
your tongue

Add drops on
honey or jam

Mix it with
coffee or tea

Blend it into

Mix with a
cup of juice


100% Good Vibes Guaranteed

We would be sad to see you go, but luckily, we have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee or your money back! We want to ensure you have the best experience possible and that means finding the right cure for you.

Product FAQs

Can I take more than 1 extract at the same time?

Absolutely! You can take multiple extracts at the same time. In fact, the synergies between different mushroom species produce amazing benefits. A popular combination is Lion's Mane + Cordyceps in the morning, and Reishi + Turkey Tail at night. Check out our bundles page for more popular pairings.

How much should I take? Can I take too much?

A general dosage is 1 dropper-full (1ml) 1-4 daily or as needed. While we don’t recommend downing the whole bottle, functional mushrooms are generally safe in high dosages.

Tell me about Alcohol vs Alcohol Removed Tinctures

Our tinctures go through hot water and alcohol extraction. If you’ve taken other herbal tinctures and tonics, there is a percentage of alcohol left in the liquid (typically 25-30%). There are a lot of benefits to having alcohol in your product (potency, to the body being able to absorb the extract better, to an extended shelf life). 

Alcohol tinctures are going to be more on the bitter side of things, mainly because of the alcohol, but also because medicinal mushrooms often have a bitter taste. You’re getting a potent product with no other additives, but if you desire a sweeter taste, choose our alcohol removed products!

Our alcohol removed products do exactly that. We remove the alcohol. The mushrooms are extracted in hot water and alcohol, and then the alcohol is evaporated and glycerine is used to stabilize. Glycerine has a sweet taste and syrupy consistency. 

It really comes down to personal preference! Whichever you choose, let us know. We’re dying to see what side wins, as typically it’s about 50/50, and it’s why we offer both options!

What is “Full Spectrum”?

When it comes to mushroom extracts, we believe in the benefits of the whole fungi, including the fruiting body (the part of the mushroom you see) and the mycelium (the root system underneath). That’s what we mean by full spectrum.

However, unlike other companies that simply tout using both mycelium + fruiting body, we support our reasoning with lab tests to verify the potency and active compounds of the final product.

What is 10:1 Extract

Our mushrooms are 10:1 extracts, meaning that for every 10 pounds of mushrooms, we produce 1 pound of extract. This assures a high potency and it’s why our products test so well! That and our extraction process, of course!

What if I don’t like them? Can I return them?

Yes! We have a 30 day money back guarantee on all our products. But, we’re confident you’ll  love our gummies as much as we do ❤️

Our Shipping Policy

FREE shipping on orders over $50!

Cure Mushrooms offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your product. If you have any concerns about your product, please email to send your product back to us.

Read more about our shipping policy on our FAQ Page.