Lion's Mane:
The Smart Mushroom

I may look like just a shaggy shroom, but behind these luscious locks, I’ve got a lot to offer. I’m one of 14 mushroom species classified as a “functional” mushroom, meaning, I’m loaded with unique functional benefits. I’ve got powerful compounds that may help your brain fire on all cylinders.

Here’s my top 3:

Memory and Focus
Out of all functional mushrooms, I hold the crown as the single most researched for cognitive support. In one study, subjects with mild cognitive impairment were 750mg of Lions Mane per day, and showed significant improvement in cognitive function [1]. I work with your central nervous system to support healthy brain functions, like memory and focus.
Healthy Brain Aging
I was originally discovered by Tibetan herdsmen working at high altitudes. They found that regular consumption could help overcome the effects of low oxygen levels, helping to improve their stamina and endurance at altitude. If you pair me with a workout regimine, I’ve been known to help you go further and recover faster.
Mood Boosting
On top of my cognitive benefits, I’m also classified as an adaptogen meaning, I can naturally help your body adapt to physical and emotional stressors. I work to help block your stress hormone - cortisol - in order to keep stress and anxiety levels in check, and keep the positive juices flowing.

The Best Way to Take Me

Since my unique compounds are found both mane tincture creative in the Mycelium and the Fruiting Body, it’s important to find a whole mushroom product. At Cure Mushrooms, all extracts are “Full Spectrum”, so you can reap the benefits of the whole fungi.