Meet Cordyceps,
The Energy Mushroom

My scientific name is Cordyceps Militaris, but you can call me Cordyceps for short. Out of the 2,000 mushroom species, my 14 other siblings and I belong to the “functional mushroom” family. Not to be confused with the magic mushroom family! We don’t get you high… We’re just loaded with functional benefits.

Here’s my top 3:

Daily Energy Boost
My specialty! Just like all my functional mushroom siblings, I was born with a gift. Supporting daily energy levels is what I do best. I contain unique and powerful compounds - such as Cordycepin - that can help you fight fatigue and balance energy throughout the day.
Endurance & Recovery
I was originally discovered by Tibetan herdsmen working at high altitudes. They found that regular consumption could help overcome the effects of low oxygen levels, helping to improve their stamina and endurance at altitude. If you pair me with a workout regimine, I’ve been known to help you go further and recover faster.
Sexual Health & Libido
I have a cheeky side, too. I have a long history of use as a sexual tonic and a natural aphrodesiac for over 2,000 years. After prolonged use, I’ve been known to improve sexual function and support libido in men.

The Best Way to Take Me

As a mushroom, I have a tough cell wall that humans have trouble breaking down. In order to absorb all my super compounds, it’s best if I go through an extraction process. At Cure Mushrooms, we’re triple extracted for maximum absorption. In fact, it takes 100 days to turn me into a single tincture!