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Why should I try medicinal mushrooms?

Medicinal mushrooms contain health supporting molecules and compounds not found anywhere else in nature. It’s these unique “super compounds” that give mushrooms their powerful array of mental, emotional, and physical benefits. They’ve been used for thousands of years in Asian cultures to treat and prevent various diseases and illnesses, including cancer.

Why should I try the 14 mushroom blend?

If you’re looking to supplement with mushrooms for the host of incredible health benefits, this is the perfect place to start. It’s an all-encompassing blend of all 14 classified medicinal mushrooms, rolled into a potent tincture of the highest quality. Supercharge your health with just a few drops daily.

How should I take it?

We recommend 1 dropper (1ml) daily. Mix it in with coffee, juice, smoothies, or right under your tongue.

What mushrooms are inside?

All 14 classified medicinal mushrooms including: Chaga, Cordyceps, Lions Mane, Red Reishi, Turkey Tail, Shiitake, Maitake, Mesima, Blazei, Poria, Agarikon, Oyster Mushroom, True Tinder Polypore, Suehurotake.

What is “Full Spectrum”?

We believe in the benefits of the whole fungi, including the fruiting body (the part of the mushroom you see) and the mycelium (the root system underneath). That’s what we mean by full spectrum.

However, unlike other companies that simply tout using “full spectrum”, we support our claims with lab tests to verify the potency and active compounds of the final product.

Put Your Health & Wellness Goals First

Our best selling USDA Organic 14 Mushroom Blend includes 14 powerful mushroom extracts, all rolled into a single tincture. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. Save big when you buy more than one!


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