Mushrooms + Benefits

May Support:

Healthy sleep cycle

Improve energy + stress levels

Immune system support


(Ganoderma Lucidum)

May Support:

Endurance + physical performance

Supports a healthy libido

Exercise recovery


(Cordyceps militaris)

May Support:

Healthy skin + healthy aging

Antiflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial

Balancing blood sugar


(Sclerotia Inonotus obliquus)

May Support:

GI tract support

Antibacterial agent

Healthy aging


(Phellinus linteus)

May Support:

Mental clarity + cognitive support

Healthy nervous system

Memory + concentration support

Lion's Mane

(Hericium erinaceus)

May Support:

Immune system regulation

Gut health + inflammation

Antioxidant activity

Turkey Tail

(Coriolus versicolor)

May Support:

Reduce cholesterol

Balances blood sugar

Blood pressure support


(Grifola frondosa)

May Support:

Potential anticancer activity

Helps strengthen bones

Fights obesity


(Lentinula edodes)

May Support:

Liver support

Fights physical + emotional stress

Stimulates immune system


(Agaricus blazei)

May Support:

Boosts kidney function

Reduces inflammation

Cholesterol support


(Poria cocos)

May Support:

Anti-inflammatory + antibacterial agent

Immunity support

Respiratory support


(Fomitopsis officinalis)

May Support:



Cardiovascular support


(Schizophyllum commune)

May Support:

Nutrient rich


Blood pressure support

Oyster Mushroom

(Pleurotus ostreatus)

May Support:

Hemorrhoid support

Steadies nerves

Antiviral activity

True Tinder Polypore

(Fomes fomentarius)

How We Create the Highest Quality Mushroom Extract


US Grown

Sourced from organic mushroom farms in the Pacific Northwest. While other companies source their mushrooms overseas, our growers comply with the most strict standards to be USDA organic certified

Whole Fungi

We use fruiting body and mycelium in our final products in order to get all the beneficial compounds from both.

Many companies only use fruiting bodies. We believe in the beneficial properties of both and provide lab tests to prove our quality is unmatched.

Harvested With Care

Our mushrooms are harvested after 3-6 months, depending on species, to guarantee that the mycelium has fully colonized.

Others turnover in a month or less. This leads to poor product quality. Mushrooms are often grown on rice/grain/oats. If you turnover too quickly, you’re likely getting a product that isn’t mushrooms at all, but rather the substrate they are grown on! Ew...and boo!


Our extraction process starts here. Our mushrooms are fermented to make the polysaccharides, terpenoids, and alkaloids more bioavailable. Most skip this step, because it takes more time and resources.

Hot Water Extraction

They are then put through a hot water extraction process, because polysaccharides (beta-glucans) are only soluble in water. This is necessary to break down the tough sell walls of mushrooms. Without this extraction, our bodies cannot absorb the beneficial, medicinal properties of mushrooms. Other companies just sell raw mushroom powder and use creative marketing techniques to mislead consumers. No extraction = no medicinal benefits!

Alcohol Extraction

Our mushrooms go through a 90-day alcohol extraction, because terpenoids are only alcohol soluble. This extraction process (hot water and alcohol) is crucial to make the best mushroom product available. Without it, the beneficial compounds would not be bioavailable.

And Voila!

Our mushrooms go through a 90-day alcohol extraction, because terpenoids are only alcohol soluble. This extraction process (hot water and alcohol) is...

…It Takes Roughly 100 Days to Make a Tincture!

At Cure Mushrooms, we refuse to cut corners. Our mushrooms are sustainably sourced, USDA Organic, and are heavily tested by 3rd party labs to provide the documentation of beneficial, fungal compounds, and product safety.
View ALL 3rd party lab tests here

Message From Our Founder

Nathan Stavseth